Choose your massage

After you have chosen your oil, the next thing to do is pick your massage.


  • Massage for relaxation and stress relief

Some massages are more soothing than others, leaving you feeling like you’ve been wrapped in a cloud and the ‘reset’ button pressed on your body.

  • Massage for treating pain and specific conditions

Traditional massages are great when you need a little stress relief and relaxation. When you have knotted muscles or more specific ailments, more attentive techniques are required.

  • Massage for overall health and rejuvenation

While all the massages above should all leave you feeling better, some more specific types of massages may be better for an overall energy boost.

  • Sensual back tickle massage with finger trace, nails and gentle touch

Lay back and enjoy this contemporary form of massage to help the body and soul fully relax. Performed as any other massage would be, this new and unique massage is about relaxation as you are gently and tenderly massaged but the very tips of the fingers with gently touch and strokes.